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Freshman English & English Listening and Speaking

Freshman English & English Listening and Speaking

The two required courses, Freshman English and English Listening and Speaking, are designed for non-English major freshmen. Students take classes based on their English proficiency as lessons are tailored for different levels. The training prepares students to integrate four skills to facilitate communication. One of the main course goals is to help students develop reading skills in understanding the content of general articles and learn a great amount of vocabulary. Moreover, emphasis is also put on improving listening skills and enhancing understanding of short speeches and conversation. Finally, students are expected to increase their cultural knowledge and develop cross-cultural awareness.

Freshman English & English Listening and Speaking Courses

Course Outline

1.Gain more confidence in daily life conversation and develop basic person and place descriptive ability used in small talk.

2.Understand and respect people from diverse cultures.

3.Apply reading strategies to read texts of different genres effectively and become flexible readers.

Courses Offered

Freshman English I&II

English Listening and Speaking I&II

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