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Foreign Languages Courses

Foreign Languages Courses

Follow the directions of the expected achievements of the school and combine the teaching resources, the center offers foreign courses to expand students’ insights in international affairs and horizons of different languages to accomplish the purpose of learning international languages. The contents of the courses are conducted in specific situations and interactive teaching techniques. Students are exposed to knowledge and experiences in foreign countries. For students who plan to take those courses, they are expected to do previews, reviews and serious participation in class to meet the requirements of the taken class and improve their language skills.

Foreign Languages Courses

Course Outline

1.Increase the understanding of foreign cultures to avoid cultural shocks.

2.Cultivate the interest in learning foreign languages.

3.Expand students’ horizon in international affairs and foreign language skills.

4.Meet the basic requirements of foreign languages.

5.This kind of course is qualified as preliminary courses for advanced language courses.

Courses Offered


Basic Japanese, Practical Japanese, Practical Japanese for Travelers , Everyday Japanese


Practical German, Basic German, Learning German with Fun


Basic Korean, Basic Korean Conversation


Practical French


Travel Russian


Basic Thai Conversation, Thai and Tourism


Basic Vietnamese Conversation, Vietnamese and Tourism

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