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Mandarin Chinese Courses

Mandarin Chinese Courses

The level-based Mandarin Chinese Courses are meant for international students of NCUT. The contents of the courses include the knowledge, implementation and expression which they may use in their daily life, workplaces and learning. We help our students to understand and experience the spirit of Chinese and local culture. Through diverse didactic activities, we also encourage them to practice and internalize the language knowledge, enhance their fluency and correctness, motivate them to increase their interest in Mandarin Chinese.   

Mandarin Chinese Courses


1. Learning Mandarin Chinese via level-based teaching.

2. Using Mandarin Chinese to solve problems of different situations in daily life.

3. Learning and preparing for Test Of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL). 

4. Learning Chinese and Taiwanese local culture.


1. Training students’ skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

2. Applying Mandarin Chinese knowledge to real life situations.

3. Systematically introducing and practicing relevant skills for TOCFL.

4. Proactively learning Chinese and Taiwanese local cultural knowledge.


Skills descriptions


Capable to understand brief conversations in daily life, understand familiar topics on life, work, learning, entertainment, etc., as well as grab the main ideas and important details.


Capable to provide brief answers to questions closely related to daily life experience, narrate personal experience and relevant events clearly, directly and continuingly, talk about personal plans and viewpoints orderly.


Capable to understand commonly seen vocabulary and texts and read simple and straightforward topics or related professional articles.


Capable to compose brief articles by using simple vocabulary of living environment and workplaces; also capable to write mails for certain circumstances or narrate experience, feelings, events, thoughts and any other personal-related information by composing short essays for certain topics.


Chinese Listening Speaking and Reading(I)(II), Chinese Workshop(I)(II), Theme-based

Chinese Reading(I)(II), Chinese Listening and Speaking(I)(II), Chinese Reading and

Writing(I)(II), Beginner Mandarin Chinese, Basic Mandarin Chinese, Advanced Chinese

Comprehensive Training Course, TOCFL Learning and Preparation Course


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