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English Remedial Program

English Remedial Program

This course is designed for the students who failed to meet the requirement for graduation focused on English assessment. With daily English as the core, this course provides students opportunities to learn and use English in everyday situations and topics. In addition to English communication skills enhancement, another important course objective is to prepare students to take standardized English language proficiency tests. Students are expected to make learning progress and improve task-taking strategies through constant practice in computer-based simulation tests. Pre and post-tests are designed to measure the preparedness and performance of the students.

English Remedial Courses

Course Outline

1.Provide training for developing students’ competencies in four skills. A particular emphasis will be placed on listening and reading.

2.Apply professional learning materials to equip students with the basic communication skills in our daily life.

3.Make use of situated learning approach to promote interaction among students.

4.Analyze questions for English proficiency test and give instruction on test-taking strategies.

Courses Offered

English remedial class

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