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English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

The ESP courses (English for Specific Purposes) are designed for students who seek advancement of their English proficiency, with special focus on the training of the language use in workplace. The practical curricula and the learner-centered teaching approach can benefit learners’ autonomy. Multiple assessments are adopted to better evaluate students’ language competence. With professional knowledge and outstanding language ability, students are likely to become competitive in all fields.

ESP Courses

Course Outline

1.Emphasize the training of students’ English ability for specific purpose.

2.Approach with teaching materials that are specifically selected to equip students with the basic English ability in workplaces where English is used as an international language.

3.Facilitate the language use for practical purposes with situational approach.

4.Improve their English ability and foster elite students’ international competitiveness.

Courses Offered

Workplace English, Backpacker English, Tourism English, Business English, English Presentation Skills, Situational English, Office English, Advanced English Reading, Office English, Career English, TOEIC Reading and Listening,

CSEPT Reading and Listening.

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